Edmund Huber

Menhir Systems
3/2017 …
Menhir Systems (menhirsys.co) is a consultancy focusing on embedded and IoT engineering (e.g. ESP32, Atmel, PIC), Linux systems programming, and Linux administration (DevOps, scaling, securing).
Cofounder, Director
8/2015 … 3/2017
Managed a team of 7 software, mechanical, and electrical engineers to develop next-generation brain interfacing technology. Set milestones for the product, tracked progress, and settled issues blocking progress.

Responsible for all software and computational aspects of Paradromics, culminating in a 1+ GB/s scientific data acquisition system based on commodity computer hardware. I scoped, designed, and led implementation of all stages of the underlying stream processing pipeline: from the low-level software architecture allowing the DAQ to seamlessly ingest and store 1+ GB/s to disk(s), to CUDA-accelerated realtime scientific processing, and the WebGL and WebSockets -based frontend for visualizing the data and controlling the hardware.

Co-wrote successful NIH (SBIR) and DARPA (BAA-16-09, "Neural Engineering System Design") proposals.

Co-inventor on patents "Systems and Methods for Splaying Microelectrode Sensors", "System and Methods for Detecting Corrupt or Inaccurate Sensory Representations", "Systems and Methods for Processing Neural Signals", "System and Methods for Detecting and Decoding Neural Signals".
Operations Engineer
12/2014 … 5/2015
Monitored and responded to alerts for Fastly production clusters, and after fixing the issues wrote runbooks describing how to upgrade tricky parts of the infrastructure, how to bring nodes out of service, etc. Wrote the first documentation for how the consumer-facing app works, the design of the LXC infrastructure, how Varnish logging and purging worked, etc.

Bootstrapped the Melbourne cluster, involving hardware checks, patching of Chef recipes and Fastly software, and validation of cluster behavior; made the documentation about cluster turnup more coherent to save time in the future.

Worked to make the development, staging, and production environments more similar in packages installed, services running, configurations, etc., so that successful testing in non-production environments would be more meaningful than before.

Migrated and fixed Jenkins jobs for building Fastly packages and running test suites.

Provided operations support directly to old ("App") team, helping with App -related Chef recipes, giving operations advice, and in general helping them achieve their goals.
Software Engineer
1/2014 … 12/2014
Worked on the Backbone.js application that underpinned app.fastly.com, the consumer-facing website allowing configuration of Fastly caching behavior. Made infrastructural changes such as replacing a race-prone Cake build with make, and introduced watchman to automate rebuild on FS changes. Fixed several security holes and implemented CSRF protection.

Rebuilt www.fastly.com and docs.fastly.com as static websites generated with Jekyll. This eliminated our need for running Wordpress which operations could not find the time to properly secure, and made it easy for anyone at the company to contribute to improving the customer-facing documentation.

Collaborated with the web performance research group at Fastly to design and implement a Javascript snippet reporting resource timings for carefully constructed endpoints, to answer questions about ISPs and the last mile.
Software Engineer
3/2013 … 11/2013
Worked closely with designers to implement the look and feel of design updates, and introduced new features in a mature Backbone.js application.

Addressed synchronization issues in the Remote Play feature.
Software Engineer
6/2012 … 9/2012
Worked on the configuration and deployment of a Ruby on Rails webapp running on the AWS platform, involving EC2 instances brought up through CloudFormation. Hardened the scheduling and batch processing infrastructure and implemented backups for redis and mongodb.

Implemented a realtime business metrics system with Cube/mongodb.

Built the promotions system, which was heavily used in outbound marketing. Developed the welcome and invitation flows for increasing customer engagement.
Software Engineer
10/2010 … 3/2012
Led the i18n team, focusing on the front-end and back-end infrastructure for displaying the website with the proper translations, date/time formatting, currencies, categories, etc. In addition to correctness, I worked to make new country/language launches quicker and idiot-proof.

Created the infrastructure to unify website, iOS, and Android translations by establishing a single source of truth and modifying the build process of each product to draw its translations from that source. In addition, each product's build scanned for untranslated strings and submitted those to be translated. A web UI on a VPN allowed external contractors to log in and translate any of Yelp's products.
Worked with the infra team to split off the portion of the website code pertaining to neighborhood geographical boundaries as its own service. This was the first service of Yelp's service-oriented architecture.
Summers 2008, 2009
Developed and deployed a pipeline of machine translation tools, centered around the Moses statistical machine translation system. This system was trained over the corpus of all Apple translations, and I extended Apple's internal translator UI to query the system and use machine translations for e.g. autocompletion.
Skills and interests
Programming in bash, Python, C, C++, Java, Ruby, Haskell, golang
Linux administration, provisioning with Chef, networking, cluster management
Systems-level programming: multi{process,thread}ing, resource management, etc.
Android programming, 2 apps in Play Store
Building websites in HTML, CSS, Javascript, using technologies like WebGL, WebSockets, etc.
Mentoring, teaching
English, German, Spanish
2009 — M.S. Language Technologies, Carnegie-Mellon University
2008 — B.S. Computer Science, Carnegie-Mellon University
2004 — Foreign exchange in Germany through the German-American Solidarity Fund scholarship
2003 — International Baccalaureate diploma, Richard Montgomery H.S., MD